Adder is a 15-year-old human female from the Real World, currently partnered with Agent Deuce.


Adder is rather tall and broad-shouldered for a girl, with long reddish-brown hair that she often ties back into a ponytail. She has light brown eyes, and wears rectangular glasses. It is most commonplace to see her wearing a dark-colored hooded jacket.


Being a teenager, Adder's moods can range from hyperactively happy to angry to sobbing, in any order. When confronted with her Lust Objects, she makes a conscious effort to be calm and mature, and more often than not succeeds.

Adder prefers to show most of her positive emotions (i.e., affection, happiness, relief, etc.) by hugging. She only glomps people when she knows them very, very well.

Messing with Adder's Lust Objects is a Very Bad Idea, as it is with most agents, though many Suethors and Sue-wraiths are unaware of this and are likely to find out the hard way.

Adder is a metalhead and enjoys listening to epic metal bands such as Dragon Force, Power Quest, and Freedom Call, though she also loves Linkin Park. She hates classical music, much to her partner's annoyance.

Despite initial tensions in their first meeting, Adder gets along quite well with Deuce. She is mainly relieved that she didn't get partnered with a complete wimp or a pervert, especially since the latter seems to be uncomfortably common.


A welcoming agent gave her a white ferret as a gift upon her arrival, which she subsequently named Cthulhu. Cthulhu, or Thu as she often calls him, has developed a taste for Sue flesh, and sometimes accompanies Adder and Deuce on their missions.

In their first mission in the Avatar universe, Adder and Deuce came across a mini-Fire-Dragon named Zoku. Due to Adder's obsession with the character whose name was misspelled, Adder could not help but adopt him.

Mental StateEdit

Adder and Deuce were still green agents when they went through their second mission, which was a particularly nasty smutfic from Happy Tree Friends that defied canon, logic, and biology in more fell swoops than need be counted. Shortly afterward, they had to suffer through similar atrocities when the same fic was updated again. The stress of this managed to jar Adder mentally, and she experienced a hysterical fit.

Their fourth mission proved unfortunate, and may have been tragic had it not been for the fic's main character, Blain. Foolishly deciding to take on the AbusiveParentAndLecher!Stu by herself, Adder was subsequently imprisoned and badly beaten up. (This took place in the Redwallverse, where sufficiently traumatic experiences more often than not lead to berserk rages, and particularly in badfic!Redwallverse, where you can't swing a dead cat without goading someone into a berserk rage.) Blain managed to lead Deuce to her, and the latter was able to charge the Stu, right before Adder succumbed to the Bloodwrath and brutally slaughtered it.

Blain was recruited and renamed Kieran.

Mission ReportsEdit

Home: Response Center 6664

Partnered with DeuceEdit


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