Aeryn was a Trekverse Mary Sue slain by Agents Iskillion, Tawaki, and Hul.

Character HistoryEdit

She was part-dragon, and could turn into one at will, and she claimed Mr. Spock's heart. She rewrote "Amok Time" so that she was the one who informed Spock that Kirk was alive.

Character DeathEdit

After she and Spock had sex, Iskillion, Tawaki, and Hul tried to take her to the Genesis Planet as it fell apart, but a portal error took them to a Borg ship instead. While Iskillion was reading the charges, Aeryn started to turn into a dragon. Tawaki struck with a lirpa and decapitated her. Unfortunately, he dropped the lirpa. It killed a drone, thus setting off the Assimilation Crisis.


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