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An Andromedan is a a member of a species from a short story called Legwork. They are theorized to be related to Mary Sues.

Legwork is a science fiction short story written by Eric Frank Russell for Astounding Science Fiction magazine (now called Analog Science Fiction and Fact) in AD 1956. In it, an Andromedan named Harasha Vanash infiltrates the Earth, and uses his hypnotic abilities to impersonate people and support himself. The story focuses on how the FBI comes to the truth about him and the military tracks him down.


Andromedans are bipedal, and about Human-sized, but have less rigid limbs.

Hypnotic PowersEdit

Andromedans have the power to influence minds for a range up to almost one point six kilometers. They can convince their target of things that outrage common sense, take the appearance of anyone and seem to be speaking the language, or get them to do things they would normally would not.


There are three things they cannot do.

  • Affect anything mindless. The target must have an imagination for the hypnosis to work.
  • Affect another Andromedan.
  • Make a life-form destroy itself. However, they can paralyze a target with terror and kill it.

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