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The Big Thorn heads the Disturbing Acts of Violence Department as a whole and also specifically looks after DAVD's Action Division. He is one of the Firstborn; his rarely-used proper name is Thornelius Archimedes III.[1]

Personality Edit

He is lenient with his agents when it comes to rules about staying in-fic for the full observation period; they are dealing with disturbing acts of violence.[2] However, he doesn't put up with intradepartmental squabbling instigated by his fractious division heads.[1] He dislikes Quiddich, and seems to be a regular at the Chlorophyll Club.[3] Despite his lenient attitude towards his agents, he never got along with former agent turned DIA officer Brian McMaolin.[4]

Office Edit

The Thorn's office, located in the basement of HQ with the rest of the DAVD, is painted red and black.[5]

He either doesn't like or doesn't have access to the kind of computer technology available to other departments, judging by the physical paper-and-cabinets filing system used in DAVD(i). They even have overflow storage somewhere in Siberia.[6]

History Edit

The Big Thorn is one of the Firstborn; he Awoke in the second pulse of radiation to hit Origin, and engaged in mind-altering communion with the other Firstborn before the invention of language.[7] He took his full name, Thornelius Archimedes III, in response to early explorations on Origin,[8] and was promptly nicknamed 'the Big Thorn' by the Marquis de Sod.[8]

In the early days of Origin's scientific development, he was the lead translator for the engineering book that formed the foundation of the Flowers' research.[9] After the foundation of the Organisation, he continued in this role as part of Hornbeam's Department of Infrastructure.[10]

When the Infrastructure Department was split up after the formation of the PPC,[11] the Big Thorn followed Hornbeam into the Department of Technology.[12] At the time of the Cascade, he was part of the program to map the appearance of natural plotholes.[12]

Appearances Edit

References Edit

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