CAD can refer to either of two devices:

There are also a number of varieties of Combined CAD, such as the DOGA CAD and the SIELU CAD. In recent years, Combined CADs have become more common than the separate models, and are referred to simply as CADs.

In the Original Series, CADs are described as being a "handheld computer" with a "tiny readout" and, when directed at a Sue, displaying "urgently flashing red letters". A CAD's beeping increases in volume proportionately to how bad the disruption to canon is, and prolonged use (or particularly bad cases of Sueness/OOC) can wear them out, usually resulting in an explosion.

Example CAD/CAD ReadingsEdit

CAD readings differ depending on the CAD model.

Target Character Analysis Device Reading Canon Analysis Device Reading
In Character Canon [Lugworm. Canon. Male stoat. Out Of Character 0.00%.]
Out of Character Canon [Arwen Evenstar. Elf female. Canon. Out of Character 49.72%.]
Possessed Canon [Boromir. Human Male. Canon. Out of Character 78.9999%. Possessed.]
Character Rupture [Lavender Brown. Human female. Canon. 62.67% CHARACTER RUPTURE!]
Character Replacement [Beka Cooper. Canon/uncanon/canon… UNCANON. Replacement Sue. Kill it!] [Frodo Baggins. Male. Gary Stu.]
Bit Character [Cole. Human male. Non canon. Bit character.]
Original Character [Kim. Human female. Non-canon. Original Character.]
Mary Sue [Laurel. Human female. Non-canon. Mary Sue.]
PPC Agent [Agent Person. PPC Agent. 2.03% Sue.]

CAD Readings in Special CircumstancesEdit

  • An overloaded Canon Analysis Device pointed at a very OOC Boromir:
  • [Boromir. Human male. Canon/noncanon/canonnoncanon/canon/nonononnoncanon/ 404 Mr. Jelly Mr. Jelly! divide by eggplant, please reinstall universe and reboot fatal errorerrorerrorerrorerro-*]
  • A Character Analysis Device pointed at a very OOC and trivialized Severus Snape:
  • [S. Snape. Original Character. Status: Bit.]
  • A Canon Analysis Device reports Legolas is going further and further OOC:
  • [Legolas Thranduillion. Elf male. Canon. OOC 23% and rising.]
  • A Combined CAD detects tense shifts:
  • [Unstable tenses detected. Revert Agents to permanent past tense Y/N?]
  • A DOGA CAD gives advice on how to handle a 'Sue problem:
  • [Elbereth. Uncanon. Mary-Sue. Half-Elf. Homeland: Lorien. Suggested remedy: Burn Elbereth.]
  • When two characters are given each others' personalities, this CAD goes nuts and explodes:
  • [Lousewort. Canon. Male ra-- Sneezewort. Canon. Ma-- Lousewor--Snee--Lesnee—Ratratratratrat … !!!!!]
  • [Story 'legolas' detected. This story is on the proscribed list. This CAD will now shut down to prevent damage to the unit. Assume all Canons are approx. 99% OOC. Bring the CAD along to me when you're done. M-T.]
  • A CAD asked to take a reading, but not pointed at a character:
  • A CAD pointed at a mildly-Sued PPC agent:
  • [Ross O---. PPC Agent. OOC 003.14159265%.]

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