Caleb Cooper is a vampire from the Twilight universe, currently an assassin in the Department of Mary Sues.

Agent Profile Edit

Personality Edit

An extremely ornery individual, Caleb is the last person one would expect to get along with anyone. His standard emotion is "annoyed," and it rarely varies unless he's presented with a particularly irritating badfic. His generally surly demeanor does little to endear him to anyone.

Caleb's main pet peeves are being mistaken for a Marty Stu and being ribbed about his origins. His abilities as a Twilight vampire make him good at his job, but the combination of this and his personality makes partnership a near impossibility. He hates working with others, and prefers to do missions by himself. Despite this, he often gets dragged into working with people whether he likes it or not.

One of the few things he does enjoy is playing video games, which he does during what spare time he has.

Appearance Edit

Like most Twilight vampires, Caleb is pale-skinned, unusually attractive, and virtually indestructible. Sues make up his main source of blood, and as a result his eyes are purple until he's thirsty again. His hair is dark brown and wavy, and despite the fact that sleep is not a necessity, he usually has dark circles under his eyes.

Origins Edit

Caleb was recruited around mid-2007 HST. He arrived as most often do, through a plothole, because the Twilightverse is riddled with them. His status as a Twilight vampire earned him much ridicule from whoever he happened to be partnered with. He went through many, and actually went so far as to kill and eat one of them. (He was banned from Bleeproducts for eight months as a punishment, and maintains that being repeatedly forced to work with people is part of Upstairs' continued punishment.) He was unlucky enough to be trapped in his RC with his then-partner during the Macrovirus Epidemic, and later participated in the ensuing battle against invading Mary Sues.

In early 2009, Caleb was assigned an intern, Kestrel. Despite their extremely shaky and often hostile relationship, he introduced her to a number of fandoms, and to this day they remain good friends and bitter enemies.

Currently, Caleb is partnered with Jack, a hyperactive sapient zombie. Oddly enough, he seems to get along better with Jack than he ever did with any of his previous partners.

Mission Reports Edit

Home: Response Center 273-B

Partnered with Kestrel Edit

Partnered with Jack Edit


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