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Captain Dandy
Captain Dandy
Created By: Huinesoron
Species: Taraxacum officinale sapiens
Home Continuum: Origin
Department: DES
Division: N/A
Position: Head of Department

Captain Dandy was one of the first Flowers. He participated in the happenings on Origin, forming the Weeds, and following Makes-Things' initiation of the Cascade, took his group of Flowers off to explore the plothole network created thereby.

History Edit

Captain Dandy Awakened on Origin as part of a grove, with the other Flowers later known as the Weeds.[1] He took his name to symbolise his status as pre-eminent among the Weeds.[1]

Captain Dandy was involved in the founding of the Organisation, and he and the Tiger Lily were the first of the Flowers to encounter a Mary Sue.[2] When Makes-Things set off the Cascade, he and his Weeds left HQ to map the plothole network.

Following the Reorganisation, Dandy's Weeds were reorganised into the Department of External Security and tasked with protecting HQ from external attacks, taking over one third of the responsibilities of the former Department of Internal Security. They have performed this duty since, rarely being seen in Headquarters except in times of dire emergency; one such time was in 2006, during the attacks on the building, where the DES joined forces with the survivors of the Department of Internal Affairs to fight off the invaders.

During the 2013 Blackout, Dandy saved the Doctor and Agents Eledhwen Elerossiel and Christianne Shieh from a Weeping Angel in the Hallway of Mirrors.

Appearances Edit

References Edit

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