The Black Cats' fourth and smallest division, very occasionally referred to as Quesse Division. It was formed and led by Mkellin, and at the time of the invasion of HQ numbered a mere 30 members, though this did not include a squad that was excluded from the invasion as punishment for dereliction of duty. Quesse is the fourth of the Elvish letters (meaning "feather"). Their initial objectives during the invasion were the assassinations of Hornbeam and the Sunflower Official; the attack on Hornbeam failed, due to an ambush by Tess, and while some attempt was made on the Sunfllower Official, it failed, and Mkellin suffered near-fatal wounds in the fighting. The Scouts defected near the end of the invasion, and attempted to surrender to the agents. However, the surrender was rejected, and all of their members were killed in the resulting battle except Jasmine Sims.

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