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A PPC Charge List is a list of all of the crimes that an authorial presence or a Mary Sue has committed against the canon.

PPC RegulationsEdit

PPC agents on an assassination mission are required to compile a charge list during each mission and to read the charges to the Mary Sue prior to her extermination.

The charge list is primarily used by the Department of Mary Sues, but must be used when other departments encounter Mary Sues during the course of their missions. A DMS charge list must include "Being a Mary Sue". The purpose of the charge list is to clearly identify the target as a Mary Sue before killing her. Otherwise, if their target is actually not a Mary Sue, the agents risk committing murder; thus the charge list serves as a balance to the homicidal impulses of agents who have just seen their favorite canons violated. It is not always successful, of course; some agents have killed Mary Sues before reading charge lists, and on rare occasions have even killed canon characters or their own partners in their rage.

Charge lists must always be read before killing a Mary Sue, not afterward, though they can be read while a fatal injury or poison takes effect. The Mary Sue is required to be alive and reasonably conscious at the time of the reading. Agents who neglect to record or recite too many witnessed charges may find themselves in trouble with Upstairs.

Charge lists are not required, but may sometimes be read anyway:

Sometimes there are not enough charges to justify assassination of a character. This usually happens when an agent encounters badfic characters who are neither Mary Sues nor bit characters without personality. In these cases, the characters may be either recruited (as Nursery residents or new agents) or transferred out of their canons to a different continuum where they will do no damage. If they can continue to live in that specific continuum without damaging it, they are sometimes allowed to assimilate into the canon once the main target's been dealt with.

Sample Charge ListEdit

A sample charge list, from the Department of Technical Errors:

Evelyn Eliza, you are charged with being a Mary Sue, with falling into Middle-earth through a plothole and speaking Westron without any prior knowledge of it, with bashing both Arwen and Galadriel, causing Legolas and Elladan to be so out of character that we lost two CADs to PPCing you, especially making them fall in love with you, fight over you, have children with you, and attempt rape on you....Sleeping with both Elladan and Legolas without either one knowing, having bad grammar, separating letters from their words, putting a saddle on Shadowfax, having unnaturally quickly gestating babies, and with having upwards of 77 period-comma substitutions. For this, you are sentenced to die pending a punishment that is fitting for you.

--Agent Isaiah, Mission #4: Your Unhappy Elladan

Charge List TemplatesEdit

Besides the individual charge lists, there are PPC Basic Charge Lists for general use. The PPC Basic Charge Lists are there to give agents a rough idea of what to charge a Sue with and are not normally used exclusively to kill a Sue. These encompass the following fandoms:

Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings: Special Interdepartmental Elven Languages Unit

Jossverse (Buffy, etc.)

Bishopverse (Black Jewels Trilogy)

Pirates of the Caribbean

Star Wars


Hikaru no GO

Battlestar Galactica (2003)

BBC Sherlock (and, minus some elements unique to the BBC canon, Sherlock Holmes)

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