Charlotte "Lottie" Webb is an agent in the Department of Floaters, Eclectic Subdivision of Advanced Species. She is written by Iximaz.


As a Twilight vampire, Charlotte is supernaturally beautiful, with long, raven-black hair and pale skin that sparkles in the sunlight. Her main source of food is Sue blood, and her eyes have turned purple as a result of drinking it. She is of average height (5'5") and, once again thanks to her vampirism, is built like a supermodel. Charlotte likes dressing like a stereotypical goth, though she claims it's because black is the only color that works with her complexion.


Charlotte is normally a rather bubbly individual, though she has one Berserk Button: making fun of her origins. Yes, her home continuum sucks; no, you're not allowed to tease her for it. She is very patient, showing her partner the ropes and helping her adjust to life in HQ. Charlotte's personality can sometimes be all over the place, though; she was a badfic recruit, where she was designated to be little more than wacky comic relief. Thanks to treatment from FicPsych, she's mostly recovered, though there's one particular trait she can't seem to shake off: her absolute terror of spiders. Which is a shame, considering her vampire power is that she can talk to them.

Though she was born in the 1800s, she seems to have a fondness for the Seventies, as her slang is horribly dated to the period. She'll say "You dig it?" as often as she likes, thank you very much.

She is intensely loyal to those she loves, as evidenced by her desperation to find some way to be with Ix despite the whole immortality thing. She eventually struck a deal with the Flowers: one year of ESAS duty in exchange for access to an Escafil device. Whether or not she will be able to uphold her end of the bargain remains to be seen, especially since her much more fragile partner insisted on following her to their new division.


Human Lottie

Human Charlotte, ten years in the future.

November 2014Edit

  • Is rescued from a badfic and joins the PPC.

March 2016Edit

  • Is partnered with Ix.

June 2016Edit

  • Turns 186.

October 2016Edit

  • Starts dating Ix.

November 2016Edit

  • Transfers into ESAS.

Year 2026Edit

  • Celebrates her tenth Christmas with her wife.

Mission ReportsEdit

Partnered with IxEdit


RC 2

  1. "Tooth and Claw" (interlude)
  2. "Deep End" (Harry Potter)
  3. "Cracked Ice" (Frozen)
  4. "Two-For-One Special" (Harry Potter x Twilight)
  5. "Starstruck Love" (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic)
  6. "Fish Out of Water" (The Little Mermaid)
  7. "Neverfree From Working" (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic) (cameo)
  8. "LMNS" (RWBY)
  9. "Hair of Slytherin" (Harry Potter)
  10. "A Matter of Perspective" (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic)
  11. "Glitter by Any Other Name" (Peter and the Starcatchers)
  12. "Who Wants to Live Forever?" (interlude), with Jacques Bonnefoy (ESAS)
  13. "Lions and Tigers and Catgirls, Oh My" (Animorphs)
  14. "Explosive Tempers" (Twilight)
  15. "Human Again" (mini-interlude), with VJ (DMS)
  16. "Open Eyes" (interlude)
  17. "Unwildest Dreams" (Harry Potter)
  18. "Mirror Image" (Harry Potter)
  19. "Love's Labour Lust" (Harry Potter), with Michael and Apecian (DF)
  20. "Opening Up" (interlude), with Olivine (DoSAT)
  21. "Rogue Sue" (Twilight)

Other StoriesEdit

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