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Claire is an agent in the Department of Mary Sues, Freelance Division. She is written by Sylibane.

Agent Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Claire is an ordinary-looking human woman with red hair and blue eyes. She still wears her old Starfleet uniform, though generally with a black jacket with a flash patch over it.

Personality Edit

Claire is very perky, though she has a homicidal streak. She also has a tendency to talk a lot, even if no one is around to listen. Claire is also a former Federation exobiologist, and loves monsters of all kinds.

PPC Career Edit

Claire was recruited from a Star Trek badfic, where she was serving as the science officer of a non-canon Starfleet vessel. She was originally in the Department of Misplaced Flora and Fauna, but transferred to the DMS after her partner snapped.

Mission Logs Edit

Home: Response Center 27

Partnered with Soledad Edit

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