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Corolla is one of the first two agents of Boarder!Sergio Turbo, and worked for the Department of Floaters with Sergio Turbo and Nikki Cherryflower.

She has been decorated with the Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Mochi for helping out the International Academy of Hetalia Fanfiction during the Mary Sue invasion.

She will be apparently working for DoSAT in 2013 HST, though she still goes on field missions every now and then.


Being a Unison Device from the Nanohaverse, she is only six inches tall (in fact, half the size of a regular UD due to mana shortage) when not in disguise, but has the ability to float around, sometimes with fairy-like energy wings that make other agents mistake her for a fairy, while she is in fact a sort of intelligent Magitek device.

She was found and rescued by Sergio Turbo and spent a lot of time in Medical due to serious wounds. She currently doesn't have a lot of mana and cannot cast complex or powerful spells, since her Linker Core is taking longer to recover out of the Nanohaverse. She still retains some useful skills, such as bind spells, and the PPC staff put in her body some useful devices, such as a low-power, safer combined CAD and a remote activator. However, those implants tend to malfunction, leading even to Corolla's main system crashing in very bad cases.

After joining DoSAT she is sometimes seen wearing glasses, despite having no need for them. She thinks that they make her look more like a proper scientist.


As most Unison Devices, Corolla is very childish and light-hearted, leading to anime-styled gags very often. However, she is also near to being completely crazy, and her taste for Sue-related food such as Sue Soufflé (much to Sergio's distaste) makes the otherwise cute girl a little bit scary. She likes playing with minis, and she would be the one who keeps them always on her head, but being mini-sized herself she can't.

However, she is also able to act very level-headed when alone or her partner Sergio is the one who needs to be restrained.


Corolla, desperately trying to look like a serious technician, alongside with what appears to be Mr. Snrfles. Or, at least, we think so.

Partners and FamilyEdit

Being a Unison Device, she doesn't have a true family, but her partner Sergio treats her as a little sister, taking care of her and ensuring that she doesn't get into trouble.

While partnered with them, she used to own a mini-Guardian called Sakura Kiminoto and a mini-Berserk called Nanoha Takamichi. However, by 2015 HST she instead owns a pov called Mr. Snrfles. It is likely that the two minis ended up in someone else's care, as Corolla's usual size prevents her from taking care of them on her own (especially considering Nanoha Takamichi's destructive tendencies).

Mission ReportsEdit

Home: RC #1587

Partnered with Sergio TurboEdit

2010 HST
2011 HST

Partnered with Sergio and NikkiEdit

2012 HST

As a DoSAT TechnicianEdit

2013 HST

2015 HST


2010 HST
  • "MST #1" (Detective Conan x Fullmetal Alchemist)
    • Sergio and Corolla mock a badly written Detective Conan and Fullmetal Alchemist crossover with no plot at all.

2012 HST

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