The Department of Arrests is the Enforcers of the Plot Continuum's equivalent to the Department of Mary Sues. While the DMS is the PPC's front line against the Mary Sue menace, the EPC uses the DA as part of its main military force. Under the command of the Sequoia, the Department of Arrests enters the continua that the EPC has previously conquered to deal with pockets of resistance that have sprung up within them, keeping order in the name of the Sunflower Emperor. This resistance is often caused by non-Suvians or canon characters, which the DA is in charge of apprehending or eliminating. As they are the DMS's mirror equivalent, it is likely that they charge these offenders with their crimes against the EPC's dominion before removing them. Captured canon characters or OCs that do not submit to their conqueror's rule are taken to the Kudzu for re-education or conversion into Mary Sues.


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