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Department of Character Protective Services

DCPS flash patch

Abbreviation: DCPS
Director: The Asphodel
Flash Patch: A golden shield. The various divisions may have a modified version of this.

The Department of Character Protective Services was created as something of an offshoot of the PPC, with shared technology but limited interaction. It has since merged fully with the PPC and adopted its methodology.

It is headed by the Asphodel and made up of both full-time caseworkers as well as moonlighting agents from other departments, all of whom work to help and protect a specific character or characters. Its flash patch is a golden shield.

Description Edit

The DCPS proper is located in a series of large rooms full of cubicles.[1] It is also known to have a first-aid room containing goodfic as an antidote to the pain caused by gross and unbearable character abuse.[2][3]

The original incarnation of the department did not interact directly with badfic or provide caseworkers with RCs or other standard equipment.[1] Instead, each caseworker was assigned to a desk[4][5] in a cubicle which quickly became highly personalized, the content and appearance (i.e. beanbag chairs) focused on putting visiting characters at ease.[1] Typically one senior agent oversaw the activity of the room at large, accepting reports and informing the other agents when their work was needed.[1] In larger continua, such as Lord of the Rings, an entire room or section of cubicles was dedicated to the service of that particular fandom, but those of lesser need were likewise clustered with others of similar situation, or even assigned multiple per agent, dependent on need.[1]

In the modern DCPS, caseworkers are assigned to a response center, just like any other Action agent.[6] They may still be given a desk within the department, though.

Methods Edit

In both the original and modern incarnations of the DCPS, its agents have been tasked with defending specific canon characters from the effects of badfic. As such, a DCPS caseworker might get involved if their charge is particularly abused, slandered, mischaracterized, etc., even in the absence of other charges. In the old days, they were allowed to bring the characters back to HQ for counseling,[4] but this practice was dropped in the modern incarnation. Since the department was remodeled, they must compile a charge list and deal with the rest of the fic, including any assassinations or exorcisms that might be necessary.[6] To help them, they are assigned a temporary partner according to the genre of the mission, "because no Flower is stupid enough to trust a fanatic to handle things on their own."[7]

Special Equipment Edit

In addition to the standard PPC gear, DCPS agents may have occasion to use the following:

History Edit

The DCPS was the "most recent" department as of mid-January 2004.[9] It was originally considered an offshoot of the PPC that shared the same technology, but little else. Its agents dealt with badfic by removing the canon from the story's influence, not the other way around.[7] The DCPS merged with the PPC c. 2005 due to one or two things: 1) The invention of the Simulation Generator, and/or 2) The Flowers getting fed up with caseworkers abusing their power and removing their favorite characters from any situation that so much as inconvenienced them.[7]

The Department for Elf Protection was merged with the DCPS at some point.

Known Caseworkers Edit

This list of agents in the department is mainly taken from the PPC Information Directory and therefore may be neither complete nor up-to-date.

Anime Edit

  • Agent Teena
  • Agent Takashi

Creepy Bloodstained Victorians Edit

Main article: Creepy Bloodstained Victorians Protection Society

This society wasn't officially a division of the DCPS, but it certainly falls under its purview.

Dragonriders of Pern Edit

  • Agent Erik

Freelance Edit

  • Special Agent Ringil - Smiter of Abusive Gits

Lord of the Rings Edit

Real Person Fic Edit

Department Records Edit

Missions from this department are listed on the Complete List of PPC Fiction, Department of Character Protective Services.

Unfortunately, dcps_lotr, the LiveJournal community that hosted the original DCPS LotR offices, is now deleted and purged.

References Edit

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