The Department of Finance deals with the financial aspects of the PPC; income, outgoings, overhead, and (occasionally and under duress) salaries. Its staff are called accountants. The most recent Head of Department was the Clover.

Description Edit

The Department of Finance has a massive archive, in which the records of all transactions are kept in paper form. During the events of the Reorganisation, DIS guards were placed in these archives. It also has a front office, in which the accountants organise the budget for HQ, and prevent any financial errors entering the system. Adjacent to this is the head of department's office.

Known Personnel Edit

Head of Department Edit

The original head of the Department of Finance was the Evermind. Following her murder in 1998 HST, the department was given to the Bindweed. After the events of the Reorganisation, during which the Bindweed left the PPC with the Mysterious Somebody, control was handed to the Clover. He reordered the entire department, cutting off unethical sources of income, and commissioned the Evermind flash patch to commemorate the first head. For these actions, he was variously praised (for cleaning up the PPC) and condemned (for dropping the budget to an all-time low). During the Swan's Egg Trilogy, the Clover too was killed at the hands of Peter Piper of the DIO. His replacement has yet to be named.

Accountants Edit

Accountants in Finance include:

Stories Edit

Records for the Department of Finance can be found on the Complete List of PPC Fiction, Department of Finance.

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