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The Department of Geographical Aberrations, more commonly known as DOGA, is tasked with attending to badfics in which the most significant canon warping takes the form of geographical aberrations – usually invented countries, but also shortened or lengthened canonical distances and other such effects.

The head of department is the Bonsai Mallorn. Due to the fascination of its agents with the use of fire, and the fact that most of them join the department after being too enthusiastic with fire in their previous positions, they are frequently referred to as the Pyros. Consequentially, their flash patch is a stylised flame.

Description Edit

The Bonsai Mallorn's office is located in Room 7200, and most DOGA response centers seem to be in the 7200s, as well.[1] Since HQ is HQ, though, there are plenty of exceptions.

Methods Edit

Pyros are technically authorized to execute Sues as soon as a sufficiently large geographical aberration charge, such as creating an uncanonical country, is confirmed.[2] However, since the plausibility of new countries or cities can be debatable, they usually assemble a substantiating charge list anyway.[2]

Special Equipment Edit

  • Fire. Lots and lots of fire. And anything that generates it.
  • DOGA has four Sun Crushers that sci-fi agents use to take out cosmographical aberrations (i.e. Suvian star systems, extra stars in a cluster, etc.).[3]
  • Crystal bombs may theoretically be useful, though their use by DOGA is unconfirmed.

History Edit

DOGA was set up in January 2004[4] by Agent Dafydd Illian and the Bonsai Mallorn.[5] Dafydd was partnered with Selene Windflower shortly thereafter, and the first DOGA team was formed.[4]

Known Pyros Edit

Department Records Edit

References Edit

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