This page acts as a hub for reports from the Department of Intelligence. These reports are intended to aid agents in selecting their targets, and are not aiming to act in place of missions. A story which has had a report written should still be attended by a member of an Action Department.

All stories should also be found on either the Unclaimed Badfic or Claimed Badfic pages.

Report FormatEdit

Please use this template as a basis for your reports.

The format of report listings is:

  • Story link — Fandom — Rating — Report

The ReportsEdit

Agent Architeuthis' ReportsEdit

The original Intelligence Reports released on the internet; these are of a slightly different format to the current versions and can be found here.

Agent Kyaris' ReportsEdit

Agent De Grasse's ReportsEdit

  • "sarah in aperture" (deleted) — Portal — M-rated — Report

Agent Rooney's ReportsEdit

Agent Keily Shinra's ReportsEdit

Agent Salvo's ReportsEdit

Agent Ava's ReportsEdit

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