The Department of Out of Character Hobbits is tasked with preventing the corruption of J.R.R. Tolkien's humble hole-dwellers.

Hobbits are particularly affected by badfic. Mary Sues and Suethors mischaracterise them shamelessly and shamefully, either ignoring them because they're lusting after "hott" Elves and Men, or babying them to prove how caring and wonderful their original character is, or abusing them for gratuitous hurt/comfort and healing sex. Authors of bad slash often forget that of the Hobbits who were central characters in LotR, three (Merry, Pippin and Frodo) are related, and put them in bed together; or they mischaracterise the friendship between Sam and Frodo and put them in bed together; or put any number of these Hobbits in bed with Aragorn. Or Legolas... the list goes on.

It is not known whether the DOOCH currently has any active agents; Agents Maly and Dagger[1] worked in the department up until 2006[2], but they might or might not still be there. This department is generally looked down on by the rest of the PPC, who describe it as "unnecessary" and "frivolous." Given that the Yellow Roses are members of it (in some ill-defined capacity), they may have a point...

References Edit

  1. They appear in "Woodsprite of the North" by Huinesoron.
  2. Maly appears in the PPC Computer Game, which takes place just prior to the launch of the Multiverse Monitor in that year.

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