The Department of Temporal Offenses is an Action Department focusing on time-wrecking Suefics and accelerated or decelerated maturity. It is headed by the Toffee Tree. Its flash patch is a battered alarm clock with the springs sticking out.

Divisions Edit

Historical Inaccuracies Edit

The Historical Inaccuracies Division is tasked specifically with cleaning up, well, historical inaccuracies. Funny how that works. It is headed by the Strawflower.

Timeline Distortions Edit

The Timeline Distortions Division is tasked with cleaning up temporal distortions such as temporal compression or extension, gratuitous warping of the timeline, overly fast or slow maturing, and people visiting places that should not exist yet/anymore.

Known Agents Edit

Mission Reports Edit

Missions from this department are listed on The Complete List of PPC Fiction, Department of Temporal Offenses.

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