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2012-05-05 00013TR

Not pictured: longcoat and fire-lizard.

Written by: Desdendelle
Age: 22 (born 1993 HST).
Species: Human.
Home Continuum: World DW2K (World One AU).
Department: Department of Floaters.
Division: N/A
Response Center: 0.4342944819 (log e).
Partner: Anebrin (formerly); The Librarian.
Fandom(s): Various animé, LotR, Star Wars, Doctor Who, The Culture, etc.
Lust-object(s): Formerly, Teana Lanster (unregistered); currently, Agent Dawn McKenna.
Favorite(s): Tea. Lots and lots of tea.
Weapon(s): Various E.Ψ.Ǝ: Divine Cybermancy rifles and handguns.

Agent Desdendelle is an alternate universe version of Boarder!Desdendelle, serving in the Department of Floaters.

Agent ProfileEdit


Desdendelle used to be about 1.7 metres tall, with brown eyes and light-brown hair and a fair complexion. He sported a short moustache and a goatee. Now, however, he is entombed in a Jian Shang Di suit of cyber-armour. It could pass for a suit of Japanese scale armour if not for the gold trim, three-visored helmet and lack of any openings.
Des Agent

Des before his cyberisation. Would you like a cup of tea?


The first thing anybody will notice about Des is his coat, of which he rather fond. The second is the over-abundance of tea surrounding him. He's not the most approachable person, tending to be a bit tense in the company of strangers. Together with a somewhat shy disposition and a tendency to be insensitive (paying attention is not easy for him), he might, at first, drive people away.

However, he actually becomes rather friendly if people bother to talk with him. He'd offer tea to anybody who'd care for a cup (and for some who wouldn't) and talk like nobody's business. His quirks become readily apparent, too; he has no problem with cursing in Hebrew, switching linguistic registers in the middle of a sentence, being Captain Obvious, dropping quotes left, right and centre or just being generally weird.

Those who withstand the onslaught (and the ever-present sarcasm) — or, like Rina Dives, come to him seeking aid — find a loyal, staunch friend who does, somehow, always keep his calm even at the face of trying circumstances.

Always? Well, almost. His second recorded mission shook him badly; the sight of a character replacement torturing a mother in front of her child and another replacement mass-murdering civilians drove him to the brink. He was hospitalised in FicPsych after that mission; while they did get him back on his legs, he keeps having nightmares about that mission. There is no doubt that the damage is lasting and lurking below the surface.

He is bonded with Khataltelet the brown fire-lizard.

As of July 2015, HST, he is madly in love with Agent Dawn McKenna. There is no doubt that he is an awkward boyfriend indeed.

Mission LogsEdit

ID: front, back (thanks to Neshomeh).

Partnered with AnebrinEdit

Partnered with the LibrarianEdit

  • Appears in Mission 5.5: "Screw Loose" (PPC badfic)
    • In which the Librarian is temporarily partnered with Rina to take down shipped versions of themselves.
    • Original fic not available online.

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