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Des Agent

Would you like a cup of tea?

Written by: Desdendelle
Age: 22 (born 1993 HST).
Species: Human.
Home Continuum: An AU of World One.
Department: Department of Floaters.
Division: N/A
Response Center: 0.4342944819 (log e).
Partner: Anebrin (formerly); The Librarian.
Fandom(s): Various animé, LotR, Star Wars, Doctor Who, The Culture, etc.
Lust-object(s): Agent Dawn McKenna.
Favorite(s): Tea. Lots and lots of tea.
Weapon(s): A Border Axe from Torchlight 2, various E.Ψ.Ǝ: Divine Cybermancy rifles and handguns.

Agent Desdendelle is an alternate universe version of Boarder!Desdendelle, serving in the Department of Floaters.

Agent ProfileEdit


Desdendelle is about 1.7 metres tall, has brown eyes and light-brown hair and a fair complexion. He sports a short moustache and a goatee. Usually he prefers wearing simple clothes such as cargo pants and Polo t-shirts. He usually wears a shabby brown longcoat that had seen better days — burn marks and soil spots cover a significant portion of it.


Des' personality can be roughly divided into two parts. He usually is rather passive, passing time in various virtual realms (be they computerised or constructs he envisions). It is somewhat hard to elicit a response from him in this state.

When in the presence of tea (which he harbours a great liking for) or badfic, especially bad logic (which he despises), he becomes rather passionate, constantly praising the former while deriding the latter.

After All Through With This Niceness and Negotiation Stuff, it is known that he suffers from nightmares, and reacts badly to torture.

Mission LogsEdit

Partnered with AnebrinEdit

Partnered with the LibrarianEdit

  • Appears in Mission 5.5: "Screw Loose" (PPC badfic)
    • In which the Librarian is temporarily partnered with Rina to take down shipped versions of themselves.
    • Original fic not available online.

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