Agent Deuce is the partner of Agent Adder, currently working in the Department of Floaters.


Deuce is not from any existing universe. A major character in an in-progress original fiction, he was allowed by his creator to join the PPC, on the grounds that he was discreet and, unlike his fellow characters, not a "walking plot spoiler." Also because he was the only one who wanted to. Due to his unwillingness to reveal too much about himself, his true age and origins are unknown. He has confirmed that he is human, but will say nothing more on the matter. His native universe does have a medieval-type setting, but extended periods of time spent in World One before joining the PPC have caused him to adopt modern mannerisms, such as slang and pop culture knowledge.

Because of the in-progress state of his home universe, Deuce's appearance, and abilities are subject to slight modifications from time to time. His personality has remained largely unchanged, and aside from a loss of a few magical abilities, a switch from sharp to normal teeth, and a bizarre few hours in which he suddenly knew how to play the violin, it hasn't put him through too much of a hassle.


In contrast to his rather hulking partner, Deuce is short and wiry. However, he holds by the "the bigger they are, the harder they fall" ideal, and has a ferocity that makes up for his small size. Also, he's lighter on his feet than most, and has good reflexes (though he still can't compete with most Mary Sues). His hair is an odd shade of ashy gray, his eyes are bright blue, and he temporarily had a mouthful of unusually sharp teeth. There are also three parallel slash scars over his left eye, and Adder once joked that he looked like he got attacked by a giant cat. (Two fistfights and a shouting match later, she finally stopped asking about it.


Deuce is not often quick to violence, but when he DOES get violent, it's not pretty. Despite his size, or perhaps because of it, he is quite skilled at fighting, as he is fast on his feet and very agile.

To Adder's relief, he possesses a decent sense of humor and may as well not. Nor is he lacking in the area of sarcasm.

Deuce doesn't like swords very much, preferring daggers to weapons that he refers to as "clunky." This is quite the opposite of Adder; swords are her favorite weapons, whether they're made of metal or lasers.

Despite their differences, Deuce and Adder share a morbid sense of humor, among other things. As partners they get along very well and have a close friendship.


Deuce possesses a few handy magical abilities. One of these is pyrokinesis, leading him to be a complete pyro in all aspects except for unleashing said power in the hallways of the PPC. Of all his abilities, this is the one that has lasted and is unlikely to vanish anytime soon.

Deuce's other ability was limited regeneration, in which most fatal wounds would heal, and the only way to truly kill him was a stab to the heart. This has since been taken away by his creator in an effort to make him less overpowered. Fortunately, he more or less agreed with the decision, though this forces him to be more careful.

Mission ReportsEdit

Home: Response Center 6664

Partnered with AdderEdit

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