An experiment is the process of setting up circumstances under which scientific facts can be observed or discovered. Usually an experiment is designed to test a hypothesis (otherwise known as "an educated guess").

At the PPC, most experiments center on Mary Sues. The Department of Mary Sue Experiments and Research conducts most experiments, but other agents of a scientific bent have been known to conduct other (often less formal) experiments.

DMSE&R Projects and TheoriesEdit

  • Following that discovery, the duo figured out how to decrease the level of glitter in Mary Sues on July 11, 2009 HST. (Lab report pending publication.)
  • The Mary Sue genome was examined by Agents Cocoa and Powder Puff on May 6, 2010.
  • The classification of Sues has begun in earnest with a discussion about Sue Latin Names.

Other Agents' ResearchEdit

  • Agent Trojanhorse has done some research (link NSFW; bad slash, mpreg) on which amino acids Sues are made of and spent some time investigating quantum weather butterflies. She has not yet reached any firm conclusions.

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