J-Pop Talk Show (Saturday Night Live)05:10

J-Pop Talk Show (Saturday Night Live)

Saturday Night Live demonstrates how this works (and why it's terrible).

"Aieee~! Gomen, gomen!"
「あなた は 日本語 が 全然 話せません。 英語 で 話して ください。」 (Translation: You don't speak Japanese at all. Please speak English.)

Fangirl Japanese is a doubly annoying curse. To those who do not know the language at all, or are not familiar with the anime fandoms where it is most commonly used, it is frustrating because said fangirl is nigh impossible to understand without a small glossary or English-Japanese dictionary.

To those that already know the language or are in the process of learning it, it is agony, because they are becoming very aware of how stupid it sounds to mix two languages so poorly.

Using Fangirl Japanese in a fic is a charge, especially where it does not belong at all.

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