Showing an agent's departmental logo, the flash patch can be found on any agent's uniform—usually on a sleeve, but not necessarily. In fact, since the "uniform" varies so much from agent to agent, the presence of a flash patch is often the only thing at all uniform about it. The appearance of the flash patch varies from department to department.

The patch aids the disguise generator in concealing a field agent from view. This is due to a weak Somebody Else's Problem field that the patch (or perhaps a device sewn into it, or something even more esoteric) generates: the canon ignores the agents, since the badfic is the problem, and the agents are not.

The List Edit

A list of logos was compiled for Volume Three of the PPC Manual: Second Edition, but it's a bit out of date now.

The list is also available here on the wiki so that it can be updated more easily, and for ease of access. The list shows the name of the department, its abbreviation, the Head of Department, and the flash patch emblem. Following the style of heraldry, adjectives and nouns in the emblem descriptions are capitalized. All emblems are on a field of black unless otherwise specified. Any department with a question mark next to its emblem indicates a suggested image which is not yet official.

Action Departments Edit

Infrastructure Departments Edit

Security Departments Edit

Defunct Departments Edit

Mirror Multiverse Edit

In the Enforcers of the Plot Continuum in the mirror multiverse, the Department of Arrests has a sword-wielding cactus and the Department of Internal Security has a white cat .

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