So back to that tidbit. Now, that's a funny word. See, I know what a bit is, but what's a tid? Tid.... Tid tid tid tid tid tid tid tid tid tid. Tid. Tid. Tid. Tid.
—Denise Lemmon, Scrubs (episode "My Last Chance")

A funny word has an intangible quality that makes us laugh. Ever come across a word and stopped just to marvel at just how hilarious it is? Everyone's done it at some point in time, and it makes everything that much lighter and brighter. Words like penguin, kumquat, potato, llama, spelunker — all these words are hilarious in their own special way. Maybe they look funny, maybe they sound funny, or maybe there is no good explanation, and that makes them all the funnier.

Occasionally, funny words can be misused, especially in badfics, leading to a dramatic moment becoming unintentionally hilarious.

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