Gall Knutson is an agent in the Department of Mary Sues originally from a How to Train Your Dragon badfic. She is written by Neshomeh.

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As a Viking, Gall is fair-skinned with blue eyes. Her hair is a dark reddish color, and most of the time she keeps it in a fairly scruffy-looking braid that hangs between her shoulder blades. She is very strong and carries herself like a tall person, but in reality she's 5'4" and finds herself looking up at most people. The fact that she can punch their lights out in most cases makes up for it, though.

She is not a big fan of the all-black style that many agents wear, and instead prefers a bit more color—most notably, red. She has a set of armor from her home 'verse, comprised mainly of leather decorated with a bone motif (not that she would use the word "motif"). Her helmet is adorned with curling dragon horns.

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Though no longer the simple bully she once was, Gall does like to be in charge, and doesn't take kindly to anyone telling her what to do unless they can back it up with their fists. On the other hand, once the pecking order has been established, she doesn't have any trouble following orders. She is fearless in combat, loyal to her comrades, and an all-around wise-mouthed badass.

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Who could resist that face?

Gall is from a time shortly after the end of the movie, so she was raised with the idea of dragons and Vikings living and working together. Her companion is a blue Monstrous Nightmare called Fellrazer. He is highly intelligent and well-trained to follow Gall's commands without hesitation, though left to his own devices he is a fairly laid-back fellow, perfectly content to bask in whatever warmth is available. He doesn't tolerate threats to his rider, though.

Thanks to some gee-whizzery on the part of DoSAT, Fellrazer spends most of his time about the size of a large dog. He can, however, be returned to his normal, very very large size—or even bigger—with the twist of a dial, which Gall wears like a wristwatch.

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Gall is from a badfic called "The Girl and Her Dragon," where she and Fellrazer were cast as your basic schoolyard bullies to the story's Sue, Kana, and her Night Fury CAF. At the time, she was called Luga and her dragon didn't have a name. Then-Luga supposedly had a problem with the partnership between Vikings and dragons, despite her own relationship to one. She picked on Kana because the latter was basically useless and also because she was Hiccup's daughter.

These traits drew the attention of Derik and Earwig, the agents assigned to the fic. Earwig made friends with her early on in the mission, and after she was banished for nearly killing Kana (although the bad grammar in the story made it such that neither she nor her dragon actually touched the girl), she became independent of the fic. She missed the odd time shifts of the story, which allowed her to age normally and also gave her plenty of time to come up with a more fitting name for herself and her companion. Later on, she returned of her own volition, leading the "Rebel Vikings" who randomly appeared to attack Berk. Derik and Earwig stepped in to take over the operation, which did not please Gall, but Derik's extreme level of rage at the situation convinced her to back off and follow his leadership for the takedown of the Sue.

Given the chance to lead an exciting life of hunting down "freaks" like Kana, Gall enthusiastically joined up on the condition that she could take Fellrazer with her. There was a bit of conflict over this point, but she did eventually get her way. Sort of.

In 2011, she was assigned with Agent Derik in the DMS for evaluation. However, thanks to relative time differentials (or some such), they didn't get back from their mission and become official partners until the middle of 2012—just in time to join the All-HQ Australian Indoor-Rules Quiddich League together.

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  • Takes part in the Third PPC HQ Hunger Games, coming in 30th place out of 48 after a disappointing elimination in a flood of Suvian Single Tears.
  • Mission to "Draconic Supremacy" with Agent Huinesoron.
  • Takes part in the Fourth PPC HQ Hunger Games, coming in an even more disappointing 33rd place out of 48 after botching what was supposed to be a fake suicide pact with James Pittman. (They ended up poisoning each other.)

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Home: Response Center 1110

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Note: Mission count reflects the overall spin-off, not Gall's personal record.