Hanae was a Mary Sue slain by Agents Jay and Acacia. She appeared in a Lord of the Rings badfic.

Character History Edit

Hanae was a Hobbit in Middle-earth who stole Sam's part at the Council of Elrond, joined the Fellowship, gave Frodo mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, became an expert archer in an hour, and sang "May It Be" (badly) for no apparent reason.

Charges Edit

Hanae was charged with "disrupting the canon by joining the Fellowship, interfering with the characters of just about everybody, massacring the English language, stealing Sam's lines, changing the title of Bilbo's book, and being a Mary Sue ... and being the elf-chippy's friend."

Character Demise Edit

The agents grabbed Hanae during the battle with the cave troll and dumped her into the chasm with the Balrog.

Mission Report Edit

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