Henry Rowling Robinson, born February 5, 2009,[1] is an MPreg child from a Harry Potter badfic in which Harry Potter somehow ended up pregnant with Severus Snape's baby. He was rescued by Agents Oscar and Iza, who dealt with the fic.[2]

Henry was subsequently adopted by Jennifer Robinson.[3][4] She named him after Dr. Henry Jekyll, another person comprised of two parts that naturally abhor each other and really shouldn't exist as one human being, but also a generally respectable man on a good day.[5]

Henry has black hair, of course, and he has mostly taken after Snape in looks[6]—not surprising, given that Snape's was the only reproductive material that could practically have ended up where Henry came from. Henry's eyes have clearly become green since Jenni adopted him, however,[6] which just goes to show that some things run deeper than genetics. On his second birthday he "blew" out his candles without actually blowing on them, so does seem to have inherited magic from his fathers.[6]

His favorite toy is a brown plush Pernese fire-lizard,[7] his favorite colors are red and green,[7] and his favorite person aside from his mother is Agent Ilraen.[8]

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References Edit

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