Jacques Bonnefoy is an ESAS agent, though it's certainly been suggested now and again that he should have been in Bad Slash. He is written by Zingenmir, and was co-created and originally co-written with Lily Winterwood.

Agent Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Jacques has the good fortune to look exactly like Captain Jack Harkness, circa 2008. He's handsome, tall, brunet, and blue-eyed. For clothing, he favors a black military jacket with the ESAS waterlily flashpatch on the shoulder, together with good boots and perhaps a few too many layers. He also has a navy WWII RAF coat. He doesn't wear it often.

Personality Edit

Jacques is about as flirty as Jack Harkness (that is, extremely and with just about everyone), but with a far greater tendency to sing, dance, and annoy people with French. Perhaps the strongest difference between him and Jack has so far only been seen in the badfic that created him: the way he acts when he's in love. He is usually cool under fire, and can grow melancholy if he sits and thinks for too long. He generally tries to avoid this.

Brief History Edit

Jacques began life as a character replacement in a Sue Lord fic (see pages 15-16 of the Multiverse Monitor's post-2013 Blackout edition for details on Sue Lords). While he didn't personally experience them, he does have Jack Harkness' memories until early Torchwood season two; they're frequently both a help and a hindrance. (Personal knowledge of the Whoniverse and what it's like to travel with the Doctor and be Jack Harkness? Great! Personal knowledge of what it's like to be killed multiple times, wake up with two years of memories missing, and wait over a century to be able to ask if there's a cure for immortality? Gr—yeah, not so much.)

PPC Career Edit

Jacques was recruited in late April 2013 by three collaborating teams of agents. He was renamed on the spot by Agent Christianne Shieh. Soon after aiding in the completion of the Sue Lord mission (and picking up the Torchwood mini-Reaper jack harkness), he ended up in ESAS. He is involved with the Troupe By Any Other Name, and has played Calpurnia in Julius Caesar and Dr Frank-N-Furter in the shadow cast for a screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. He is good friends with Agent Luxury (of course) and has been temporarily partnered with a number of other people, some of whom are now his friends as well. He does not currently have a permanent partner.

Family Edit

Jacques serves as a sort of uncle-figure to the three Sato children (Ruby, Seren, and Owain) who live in the Nursery. This came about because their biological parents encompass most of the Torchwood team, including Jack Harkness himself.

Timeline Edit

  • April - Recruited.
  • March 15-May 30 - Performs as Calpurnia in Julius Caesar
  • March 26 - Jacques attends a Purim party dressed as Ianto Jones. He has a run-in with some toddlers and green slime.
  • October 31 - Performs as Dr Frank-N-Furter in the Rocky Horror Picture Show screening's shadow cast
  • September 27 - Is visited by Dawn and Zeb
  • August 15 - Visits the Sato children after a nightmare
  • March 26 - teams up with Ix Saibhir and Charlotte Webb for a crossover mission.

Mission Reports Edit