The Janitorial Division of the Department of Operations is the home division of the PPC's janitors. A janitor is a PPC agent whose job is to keep HQ clean (or as clean as can be managed) and to make minor repairs. Janitors are not, however, responsible for keeping response centers clean.

The Janitorial Division is headed by the Onion Grass.

Janitors may possess deadly skill with a broom, and tend to be good at being unnoticed and making themselves scarce, especially when there are homicidal Action Department agents around.

Flowers in the Janitorial Division tend to be of hallucinogenic varieties. After at least one attack by flamethrower-wielding agents demanding drugs, they have understandably grown quite paranoid. Known Flower janitors include the Angel's Trumpet, the Fittonia, the Peyote, the Nepal Poppy, the San Pedro Cactus, and the Syrian Rue.

Non-Flower janitors include Gerrick and formerly Jason Harris (transferred to DF).

Sources Edit

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