A Mary Sue in the PPC? Surely not! On one occasion, nonetheless, the daughter of Jay and Acacia—yes, the Jay and Acacia—came waltzing into the PPC, eager for partial treatment. She was the best Sue-killer in all the land, the Flowers loved her, and she was sweet and adorable. Unfortunately, the beloved Jaycacia ran into the real Protectors, who were not amused. Jaycacia ended up just another stain on the floor of the PPC Cafeteria.

The Daughter of Jay and Acacia, by Huinesoron. (And, just in case the author being a highly respected PPCer didn't tip you off, now is probably a good time to tell you that Jaycacia is a joke.)

Unfortunately, being a 'Sue, her tale did not end there. In the first sequel, Funeral for an Angil, Jaycacia herself (thankfully) did not make an appearance. However, the third story, A Sunflower's Tears, features the resurrection of both Jaycacia and Acacia (who died in Funeral), and in the fourth, Sweat, Blood and Tears,  Jaycacia gets a statue and a vacation.

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