Julian Bashir is the doctor on the space station Deep Space Nine, in the Star Trek television series of the same name.

He is young, handsome and considers himself a bit of a ladies' man but usually falls prey to the Narrative Laws of Comedy when attempting romantic encounters.

He was the template for the prototype of the Long-Term Medical Hologram, but when it was discovered he was an Augment the hologram was discarded. Said hologram was eventually recruited to the PPC.

He has some popularity as a Lust Object among PPC agents. Iza, Kitty Callahan, and Tish Jameson are known to list him as one of their LOs.

In Fanfic Edit

He is often slashed with his friend Miles O'Brien, the chief of engineering, or his lunch partner Elim Garak, a Cardassian tailor and former spy.

In badfic he will be either woobified or made into an arrogant bastard.

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