July Flame was a PPC agent in the Department of Floaters who retired in August 2012. She was written by JulyFlame. She resided in the Doorless Response Center, RC #2985.

Agent ProfileEdit


July was among the large group of agents that could be called short, and with brown fluffy hair and glasses, she looked fairly ordinary. Or at least, she would look fairly ordinary if said hair didn't take being fluffy as something it should fulfill to the max, and if her glasses weren't generally askew and slowly sliding off her face.

Her uniform was usually a black t-shirt with the Floaters flash patch and jeans, occasionally paired with a leather bomber jacket when she expected "weather."


Strangely for most PPC agents, she usually had respect for authority, even that of Upstairs, though anyone who is shouting loud enough and has enough force behind it can also count as authority.

July was fairly high strung, which she managed to hide when she wasn't being belligerent or obtuse. This, combined with an increasingly manic and freewheeling attitude and a short temper, especially in missions, no doubt eventually led to her snapping and running away in early May 2008 due to a series of stressful missions and events, until she returned nearly two months afterwards.

She also was the more entrepreneurial of the pair, having developed a habit of "acquiring" loose non-canonical items during missions ranging from a flaming snotball to a halo, something that was no doubt encouraged further through interaction with Trojie, DBS, the notorious Discworld kleptomaniac.

Additionally, she showed no hesitation against threatening other agents with violence when she thought it was warranted, though this trait largely only appeared after her initial snapping.

July loved books and cartoons, particularly the series that are part of the DCAU. Her hobbies included reading, writing, drawing, philosophizing, and wearing a blank stare when she was able to get away with it.


In January 2008, July developed a knack for self-neuralyzation.

In the realms of weapons, during her time as a PPC agent, July used a 20-pound sledgehammer, showing that not everyone sticks to things that are sharp and pointy. In the 2008 Mary Sue Invasion she showed that between the time she had adopted the sledgehammer as her main weapon and the Sue Invasion, she had developed a level of proficiency in using the sledgehammer as a weapon.

July also knew some Judo and JKD, something that no doubt lent her aid in being the close combat agent in her work with Library.

Agent HistoryEdit

July wandered into HQ in November 2007 HST, and a week later was partnered with also then-newbie Library.

The end of April and the beginning of May 2008 held a variety of stressful minor events that led up to a Despatch mission for a snatchfic that July had written in mid 2004, wherein she attempted to kill her author avatar. After the avatar was recruited, a second attempt led to her knocking the younger girl out and running away.

She returned in late June 2008 after having had time to think about things, besides being continuously egged on by one of her friends.

In August 2012, she retired, but made a brief return in April 2016 to come to the aid of her former partner in tackling the Legendary "Agony in Pink."

PPC CareerEdit

July was partners with Agent/Librarian-in-Training Library, and has twelve documented missions under her belt.

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November 2007
January 2008
February 2008
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August 2012
  • July retires
April 2016

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