This agent was removed from continuity because her author was banned.

Kelly is an agent in the Department of Floaters. She is written by Bramandin.

Agent ProfileEdit


5’6, dark hair, dark eyes, skinny


She’s guarded and aloof. There are layers of kindness and meaness and it’s hard to tell which parts she works at. She’s an ISTJ. She doesn’t encourage gossip but will listen to it. Kelly has a mean streak and tends to snark at badfic and Sues. Most of her moods are defined by how irritated she is. Almost nothing really surprises her. If she says "good job" and means it, she's actually really impressed.

Kelly is very picky about what she eats and drinks, and won’t eat food of questionable origin. She also hates getting substances on her, but getting muddy or something is considered highly annoying instead of something to freak out about. She prefers to keep her RC and equipment neat and tidy. This is not OCD, it's just recognizing that keeping things organized makes life easier.

Kelly is good at predicting what will go wrong and avoiding it. She has an almost cultish obsession with the Ironic Overpower (but tends to hide it,) which means that not having the worst thing try to happen is slightly disturbing for her.

She reads trashy romance. If the Flowers ever find out, she’ll be forced to read and be available for Twilight or Fifty Shades. (I won’t read those books so someone would be able to borrow her.)


She originally came from a sci-fi kitchen sink semi-fic blip. It had Men in Black, Plumbers and aliens from the Ben 10 Universe, and a few random aliens from Barlowe’s Guide and other sources. She was working as an assistant for an alien that was running a fake exorcism business. It was a scam because aliens would be sent to do the haunting. She has an older sister, a niece, a nephew, and her sister’s husband. She visits her family, but it's not that often and she's not too close to them.

Mission ReportsEdit

Partnered with September JohnsonEdit

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