Kestrel is a ferret agent written by PitViperOfDoom. She originates from the Redwall continuum, and is currently partnered with Mordecai Lee.

Agent Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Kestrel is a fairly unremarkable ferret jill, with sand-colored fur and dark brown markings. Her only distinguishing features are her pale blue eyes and her almost vampiric smile. She enjoys wearing World One clothing, especially cargo shorts. As long as it has plenty of roomy pockets for her little knives, she's perfectly content.

When in human disguise, she has short blonde hair, and a difficulty balancing without her tail.

Personality Edit

Due to her background, Kestrel has plenty of combat experience, an extreme resilience regarding bloodshed, and rather cutthroat methods in getting anything done. Violence is, more often than not, her first resort. Despite this, her chipper demeanor makes it hard not to get along with her, but only if one isn't on the receiving end of her sword. She is not short of courage, even when it borders on insanity, mostly because she is quite proficient when it comes to getting out of tight spots. Unlike many agents, she honestly enjoys nearly every aspect of her job.

Her favorite things are modern World One rock music, singing and dancing, violence, and reading.

Agent History Edit

Kestrel was once a member of the Corpsemakers, the horde serving Ferahgo the Assassin in the Redwall universe. She was quite happy in this line of work, and to this day maintains that Ferahgo was a better boss than most of the Flowers.

Her first run-in with the PPC occurred when a mysterious and beautiful weasel Sue waltzed into the camp to try and charm Ferahgo, only to be foiled by a pair of agents hiding among the ranks. Kestrel was not actually present for the mass neuralyzation of the horde, having been sent off to forage. While doing this, she happened to walk in on the execution of the Sue. Rather than trying to attack the agents, she watched, fascinated, until they discovered her.

Rather than kill or neuralyze her, the agents raised a job offer, which she eagerly accepted upon being told what the job entailed: mass murder.

She was already literate, but upon her arrival at the PPC, she discovered her bookish side. Any time during her training that was not spent terrorizing her fellow newbies was spent reading whatever books were thrown at her. Upon completing her training, she was assigned as an intern for Agent Caleb Cooper, with whom she got along dreadfully. After much begging and thinly veiled threatening, she was finally freed from this internship, and worked solo.

Four months after being hired, she was partnered with Mordecai Lee, and they get along fairly well.

As of August 2009, Kestrel has an adoptive son, Artemis Crowley, who she and Caleb had rescued in a mission to the Good Omens universe. To threaten him, look at him the wrong way, or, [Insert Deity Here] forbid, harm him, would mean a very long, dragged-out, and messy death.

Mission Reports Edit

Home: Response Center #273

Partnered with Caleb Cooper Edit

Partnered with Mordecai Lee Edit


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