Laurie (originally Silphrena Lauriendal Begoniansa) was an agent in the Department of Mary Sues (Lord of the Rings Division) around the time of the Original Series. She was written by EmJay, a.k.a. Rian Silverleaf.

Laurie was a Noldorin elf recruited from a badfic, where she had been "the cliché 'perfect older sister' of a cliché 'misunderstood tomboy' Sue." She didn't have a partner, but lusted after Agent Ranger. She had an insane former partner whose name is not known, and who was in FicPsych as of last report. Before being subdued, Laurie's former partner slaughtered ten thousand orcs at the Battle of the Hornburg.

Mission Reports Edit

Home: Saving Middle-Earth, one Mary-Sue at a Time

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