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It's dangerous to go alone. Take this.

The Legendary Badfic is a collective name for the worst badfic encountered by the PPC, specifically those 'fics which most of the community have heard of and (in many cases) been traumatized by. Reading any one of them is typically a painful experience and requires a great deal of Bleeprin or other brain-purging substances to recover from. They are related to Bleepfics, which contain similarly awful content but are not so widely known amongst PPCers.

Some masochistic and/or naïve newbies attempt to read as many of the Legendary Badfics as they can before going insane. This is a common practice, but a dangerous one. It is not recommended that any of the Legendary Badfic be an agent's first encounter with smut fic.

Newbies be warned: Reading any Legendary Badfic that was linked to you by another Boarder in your introduction post, especially "Celebrian," is Bad. Do not do it, because they should not have provided it to you in the first place. This is possibly your only warning. Also, reading the plot summary on its wiki page likely counts. Don't do it.

Some Legendary Badfic actually spawned sequels, but most (thank God/Judah/Buddha/Brahma/Invisible Pink Unicorn/Flying Spaghetti Monster/Madoka/any other deity) are one-shots.

List of Legendary Badfic Edit

Opinions vary as to exactly what is included on the list of Legendary Badfic, but the following are usually agreed upon:

Also worth mentioning is "The Eye of Argon"; while technically not fanfiction, it's widely considered the worst fantasy story ever written.

List of Legendary Badfic SeriesEdit

In addition, "Agony in Pink" had an updated sequel, along with a "special edition" remake of the original story; (un)fortunately, the sequel was itself more of a remake than a fully fledged sequel, with some characters being changed around.

Though not a true series, "Cupcakes" has spawned numerous spinoffs, alternate endings, and fan-edited versions of the original designed to repair its horrible grammar.

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