Library is a PPC agent in the Department of Floaters. She is written by JulyFlame. Library and her partner reside in the Doorless Response Center, which is RC #2985.

Agent Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Library has blonde hair that she normally keeps in a bun, which is usually in some stage of falling apart. She is of an average height, making her taller than July and many other short agents.

Her uniform is comprised of an ankle-length black skirt, blouse, and over that a jacket with the Floaters flash patch. All attempts on the part of others to try to get her to switch to trousers have so far failed.

Personality Edit

Library is far calmer than her partner and more reasonable than most agents, though she still shows a tendency to become slightly hysterical over some of July's more stranger antics, and at times has proven to be, as July put it, "kinda scary." Like July, she also has a respect for authority, but is less flippant about it.

She has a great interest in books, particularly those she cannot find in her home continuum, and can rarely be found without one, reading even on missions.

Skills Edit

In their second mission, Library demonstrated what was to her partner a surprising skill for marksmanship. Since then, she has used a handgun as her main weapon in applicable continua. July has pointedly not asked about Library's skill with a gun, and Library has not told July. This works fine for both of them.

Agent History Edit

Library was exchanged to the PPC in late November 2007 HST under conditions that are still not known to her, and was partnered with also then-newbie July Flame.

In early May 2008, July finally snapped during a Despatch mission into a badfic that July herself had written some four years earlier, and after two attempts to murder her avatar, finally ran off, leaving Library with the avatar version of July, JF, until July's return.

PPC Career Edit

Library was partners with July until the latter went insane and ran away, and was partners with JF until July returned, though current Department of Personnel records consider JF and July the same person due to JF's status as an avatar. She has eleven missions documented.

Agent Timeline Edit

November 2007
January 2008
February 2008
March 2008
April 2008
May 2008
November 2008
June 2008
July 2008
March 2009
March 2010

Mission LogsEdit

Home: The Doorless Response Center

Partnered with July Edit

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