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Jay and Acacia, in card form.

The First Generation of cards Huinesoron officially released for the PPC Card Game introduced the five main card types: agents, Mary Sues, locations, canon characters and monsters. The First Generation focused on the Lord of the Rings setting, although it includes agents and canons from other fandoms as well. The cards are available here (at the bottom right).

The CardsEdit


Mary SuesEdit

  • Alyssa Silver-Rose
  • Aranel Elen
  • Aurora Flame
  • Emma Greenleaf
  • Kawaii Baka
  • Lakura Heartstrike
  • Luis
  • Luthien Elessar
  • Mother
  • Princess Arwen
  • Princess Sparkles
  • Scarlett Wren


  • Aglarond: LotR
  • Amon Sul: LotR
  • Anduin the Great: LotR
  • Annuminas: LotR
  • Argonath: LotR
  • Barad-Dur: LotR
  • Barrow Downs: LotR
  • Blue Mountains: LotR
  • Bree: LotR
  • Bruinen: LotR
  • Cair Andros: LotR
  • Caradhras: LotR
  • Caras Galadhon: LotR
  • Carrock: LotR
  • Cirith Ungol: LotR
  • Dagorlad: LotR
  • Dead Marshes: LotR
  • Dol Amroth: LotR
  • Dol Guldur: LotR
  • Dunharrow: LotR
  • Edoras: LotR
  • Erebor: LotR
  • Eregion: LotR
  • Fangorn: LotR
  • Fornost: LotR
  • Gap of Rohan: LotR
  • Gladden Fields: LotR
  • Goblin Town: LotR
  • Gorgoroth: LotR
  • Gundabad: LotR
  • Henneth Annun: LotR
  • Hobbiton: LotR
  • The Hornburg: LotR
  • Isengard: LotR
  • Ithilien: LotR
  • The Last Bridge: LotR
  • Lothlórien: LotR
  • Midgewater: LotR
  • Minas Morgul: LotR
  • Minas Tirith: LotR
  • Mirkwood: LotR
  • Misty Mountains: LotR
  • Mithlond: LotR
  • Morannon: LotR
  • Moria: LotR
  • The Old Forest: LotR
  • Orodruin: LotR
  • Osgiliath: LotR
  • Pelennor: LotR
  • Rauros Falls: LotR
  • Rivendell: LotR
  • Rohan: LotR
  • The Shire: LotR
  • Thranduil's Halls: LotR
  • Tower Hills: LotR
  • Trollshaws: LotR
  • Umbar: LotR



  • Balrog: LotR
  • Barrow-Wight: LotR
  • Corsairs: LotR
  • Dead Men: LotR
  • Goblin: LotR
  • Great Spiders: LotR
  • Hobbits: LotR
  • Old Man Willow: LotR
  • Peter Jackson: LotR
  • Saruman: LotR
  • Sauron: LotR
  • Shelob: LotR
  • Smaug: LotR
  • Smelly Men: LotR
  • The Dead: LotR
  • Troll: LotR
  • The Witch King: LotR

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