Maeluiwen has a unique position in the PPC. Although she is a Sue, she was created as a parody by Canon Protection Initiative supporter Jen Littlebottom. She appears in The Most Interesting Adventure of Maeluiwen and in the PPC's No-Drool videos.


Maeluiwen, unlike most Sues, seduces the female canon characters, such as Éowyn and Galadriel. She is described as being voluptuous and wearing chain mail underthings. Although she ticks off male canonicals and PPC Agents (whom she tries to hit on), she always comes back to life after being slain, in order to help Jen MST. Woe betide those Agents who are caught drooling over lust objects; they will be forced to see more of Maeluiwen than they ever wished for.

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