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Maria Nightingale
Maria Nightingale
Written by: Caddy-shack
Age: 25 (she stopped at 22)
Species: Vampire cat/human hybrid
Home Continuum: Metal Gear Solid
Department: Department of Floaters
Response Center: 481,516,234,277
Partner: Mark Sienna, Cadmar
Fandom(s): A great deal
Lust-object(s): Solid Snake, Alucard (Hellsing)
Weapon(s): Claw gauntlets, katana.

Maria is a vampire agent in the Department of Floaters. She joined in early 2004, and bears no relation to Nyx Nightingale.

Agent Profile Edit

Backstory Edit

She was created in a Metal Gear Solid badfic, though she never actually appeared in the fic, having been left in a void in-between chapters. She was rescued by two now-retired agents and recruited, and later adopted by them. During the 2008 Invasion, she was bitten by a Vampire!Stu, and transformed. All of her missions previous to partnering with Cadmar and Mark are conveniently missing.

Since the vampire that turned her was following Discworld rules, she is able to sublimate her addiction to blood through physical contact, and has once described it as similar to feeding on the latent emotions of others. This often manifests through her tendency to glomp or give out friendly hugs and punches.

She has a low tolerance for bad slash, and will sometimes react violently when exposed to too much of it at once. During an undocumented mission into the Redwall continuum, she attempted to kill Cluny and Matthias during a very poorly written slash scene, and later admitted to reading the Cluny Fic from That Series prior to the mission on a dare. She has since been banned from entering the Redwall continuum.

Appearance Edit

Due to her status as a vampire, she usually wears a special suit that covers her entire body to keep light from contacting her skin. She has been described as quite attractive underneath the suit, but between the dark environments that she spends most of her time in and the brief periods of time that the suit is removed, many of the details are still a mystery. Under her suit, she is similar in appearance to an average human of Chinese-American descent, though she has yellow catlike eyes, large catlike ears, a tail, and fangs.

Personality Edit

Happy, mischievous, and fun-loving... most of the time. Underneath, she has deep issues over losing people or being left behind and alone. She is more than willing to go out of her way for others, and is easy to get along with, though she can be amoral and greedy at times, and likes to be the "dominant" force above others. She has recently entered a romantic relationship with Florestan, which is going very well despite the hectic lifestyle inherent to two PPC agents in separate departments.

Minis and PetsEdit

Sometime prior to being partnered with Mark and Cadmar, she obtained a tiger named Raksha, which she keeps in the RC with a cat named Rasputin and the mini-Rancor Bob Fett. The latter was a gift from Cadmar, who she sees as her "fledgeling".

Mission Reports Edit

Home: RC #481,516,234,277

Partnered with Cadmar and Mark Edit

MSTs Edit

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