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SHQ Maxie

Maxie using SHQ

Written by: Spud Avec
Age: 18
Species: Human
Home Continuum: Survival of the Fittest (Web Original based on Battle Royale)
Department: Department of Floaters
Response Center: 32F
Partner: Agent Dakku
Fandom(s): Mainly but not limited to Metal Gear and Final Fantasy
Lust-object(s): None
Favorite(s): None
Weapon(s): Switchblade, passing proficient with a SMG.

Maxie Dasai is an agent in the Department of Floaters. She is written by Spud Avec.

Agent Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Maxie stands at five foot eight and is rather lean for her height, somewhat detracting from her figure. Her face is slightly gaunt, and her pale blue eyes have something of a haunted cast about them. Maxie's hair reaches her jawline and she is brunette.

Personality Edit

Maxie is generally rather withdrawn, which is not to say she is shy, just that she prefers her own company. This tends to spill over into mistrust at most times, meaning she allows few if any other agents into her confidence. Naturally this means she usually comes across as pretty hostile. She can be accused of taking the PPC (as well as life in general) rather too seriously, lacking the sense of humour that most agents bring to their missions with them. Maxie tends to be cool-headed, chalking up charges as something to give more satisfaction in removing a Sue rather than things to get angered about. Still, she does have one sore spot. The trivialisation of rape is a charge that'll send Maxie into "homicidal rage" mode.

History Edit

There's not a whole lot known about Maxie prior to joining the PPC. She turned up in HQ one day, presumably via plothole. However, the circumstances of her arrival were such that the first agents to encounter her (Cham and Kalmer) assumed Maxie was a casualty of a botched mission and rushed her off to Medical. It was some while before the penny dropped and it was realised she was not, in fact, an agent herself, but rather a displaced canon character. Once this was realised, a replacement was set up for Maxie in her home continuum. After quite some time in FicPsych, Maxie was finally assigned a partner (Dakku) and sent to start her career as an agent.

Mission Reports Edit

Home: The Fic Cave

Partnered with Dakku Edit

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