Melpomene is an agent in the Department of Temporal Offenses. She worked with Agent Tawaki out of RC #74088 and PPC TARDIS #2274 until after the matter of the Key to Canon, at which time she was sent to work with Agent Skirfir in PPC TARDIS #1594. She was formerly written by Tawaki, but is now up for adoption.

Melpomene is an anthro tabby-cat from the CATS continuum. She joined the DTO fresh out of training. Her mini is Rabbadash, a mini-dragon from the Narniaverse. When she met Father Christmas during a mission to Narnia, she received the gift of a sonic screwdriver and the words "You know better than I what this is."

Agent Timeline Edit

  • February 2008 - Finishes training, joins the DTO.
  • June 2008 - Partnered with Skirfir.
  • July 2010 - Spotted playing Xianqi at Rudi's

Mission Reports Edit

Home: Tawaki's LiveJournal

Partnered with Tawaki Edit

Other Appearances Edit

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