Misspellings in Black Butler create Continuity Cats.

Canon OriginEdit

One of the show's (many) running gags is the character Sebastian's over-the-top love of cats. (The manga implies that the closest thing to pets where he's from are xenomorphs from the Alien films. Yes, really.) As seen in the picture, his particular favorite is a long-haired black stray hanging around Phantomhive Manor.

Continuity Cats are duplicates of said stray who all appear about a year old. They mimic some physical aspect of their namesakes, usually eye color, but do not appear to share personality traits. They generally spawn wearing light purple collars with nametags. Continuity Cats are also protective of their namesakes, and will attack mini-Sues as well as actual Sues.

Known MinisEdit

Character MinisEdit

  • Ciel POV
  • Bardroy (light brown fur)
  • Mey Rin (adopted by Matt Cipher as of April 2016)
  • Ceil (short-hair, scar over his right eye)

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