The minis of Ice Age are Spellcheck Scrats. Rather than being "mini," they are the same size as the canon character Scrat. Because of this, Agent Falchion came up with "Spellcheck Scrat" as a more appropriate term.

Spellcheck Scrats have fur color matching that of the misspelled character. Otherwise, they resemble the canon Scrat: fuzzy rodents with aspects of both squirrels and rats. In place of buck teeth, they have a pair of long, pointed canines that stick out of their mouth.

In CanonEdit

Scrat is a saber-toothed squirrel who appears as a comic relief side character in the Ice Age series. He does not speak like the other animal characters do.

Scrat spends all his time in relentless pursuit of acorns to store for winter. The ensuing antics are very cartoon-like compared to the rest of the canon, and tend to lead to unforeseen disasters that ultimately deprive Scrat of the acorns he was after. Scrat is the accidental catalyst of many of the problems of prehistoric earth, including glacial movement, volcanic eruptions, the end of the ice age, the splitting of Pangaea into separate continents, and sinking an island with an advanced saber-toothed squirrel culture.


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