Minis from The West Wing appear as miniature mash-ups of a donkey and an elephant—the mascots of the two main political parties in the United States. The first agent to encounter one dubbed them mini-Elefunkies.

Mini-Elefunkies are two-foot-tall animals with the head and front legs of a donkey and the ears and back legs of an elephant. The tail is also elephantine, but ends with a longer tuft of fur, like a donkey's. Its body is covered in red and blue splotches, also symbolic of the opposing U.S. political parties.

Canon OriginEdit

Unusually for a mini, the mini-Elefunky is not based on anything from The West Wing. On the Board, the discoverer of this mini type explained, "I figured that the parties themselves were as close to monsters as anything in the show!"[1]



  1. Chatvert discusses the mini-Elefunky's creation.

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