Minis from the Tortall series are mini-Stormwings. They are half-human, half-metal bird.

Canon OriginEdit

Stormwings are a type of immortal—a being that lives forever unless killed. Stormwings were created from the dream of a woman who wanted to remind others of the unglamorous side of war. They have the heads and torsos of humans, but feet and wings like those of birds. The bird parts are made of steel, but Stormwings are still flight-capable.

Due to their nature as cautionary warnings against war, Stormwings revel in the side effects of war. They feed directly off of terror, and instinctively desecrate corpses, covering them in waste products and then rolling around in the mess.


  • Cathark (adopted by Agents Rose/Ross and Meip)
  • Cours (adopted by Agents Rose/Ross and Meip)
  • faithful (adopted by Agents Rose/Ross and Meip)
  • Queenscove Mindelan (adopted by Agents Rose/Ross and Meip)
  • Rebeka Cooper (adopted by Agents Rose/Ross and Meip)

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