The minis of the Valdemar Saga are mini-wyrsa.

Originally, they were mini-Companions before WyldeHorse retconned her choice of mini.

Canon OriginEdit

Wyrsa are reptilian monsters with canine features around their head. They are covered in black scales and have a sulfurous glow around their bodies and in their eyes. They are extremely fast, nocturnal predators that will hunt prey down without rest. Another variety is white and venomous.

Companions are magical creatures resembling white horses with silver hooves and blue eyes. When Valdemar is in danger, Companions will Choose a Herald in order to provide it with a protector. The Companion and Herald develop very close, permanent bonds, and the Herald's abilities are sometimes strengthened.



  • Mercedies Lackey
  • Vlademar


  • Alberish (adopted by WyldeHorse)

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