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Camilla Sandman, or Miss Cam, is the founder of all of the Official Fanfiction Universities and creator of concepts such as minis and urple.

She is not currently active in either the PPC or the OFUs.


The Headmistress of OFUM, this strict paddle-wielding brunette distributes canon justice to fangirls and bad slashers alike. At OFUM, she is assisted by a staff of canon characters, all modernized and clad in black leather. These canon characters abduct fangirls who are guilty of writing badfic and force them to attend the university. This will include their listening to lectures on canon, being corralled by mini-Balrogs when attempting to stampede, and generally being bullied into competence by OFUM's strict rules. Miss Cam espouses a policy of learning through pain, a practice which has been copied in OFUM's innumerable spin-offs.

Elsewhere in FandomEdit

When the PPC was booted from, Miss Cam took it upon herself to host The Original Series and any spin-offs that wished to be hosted. For this and other noble deeds, she became one of the three original Permission Givers, along with Greyladybast and Thalia Weaver. Miss Cam writes non-OFU/PPC fanfiction as well, for which she has received many awards. Nowadays she's generally found on LJ.


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OFUM, year two

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