Mordecai, or Cai, is a wizard agent written by PitViperOfDoom. He originates from the Potterverse, and was formerly partnered with Kestrel, but now works in the Postal Department.

Agent Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Cai is Chinese, fairly tall, with straight black hair and dark, almond-shaped eyes. He wears glasses due to his nearsightedness, and is quite amazed that they haven't broken yet, for all they've been through. He prefers to wear wizard robes, but every now and then will dress casually, especially if Kestrel cracks jokes about his habit of "wearing dresses." He has a rather boyish look about him, and has often been mistaken for being younger than he is.

Personality Edit

Cai is fairly laid back and non-confrontational, which is a poor quality when dealing with Sues. He is very shy, and not particularly inclined to violence, again a very poor quality when dealing with Sues. The one time he did show violent anger was during a completely vile fanfiction involving a Hermione Sue, but he doesn't like to talk about that. Because of the difference in their characters, he usually takes it upon himself to take down charges, while Kestrel gets to carry out the assassination.

A bit of a loner due to his shyness, Cai rarely shows embarrassing emotions such as anger or fear, preferring to hide them behind a blank stare. This leads any opponents to mistake this for meekness and underestimate him. For a PPC agent, he has a surprising ability to keep his temper in check, though on the extremely rare occasion that he does lose control, it's not a pretty sight. The only time he ever lost control was after being forced to read 30 chapters of "My Immortal" in one sitting by another agent who though it would be funny to haze the newbie. He suffered a fair amount of post-traumatic stress after this, and was forced to spend a few weeks in FicPsych.

Origins Edit

Mordecai is an American-born wizard who, contrary to what seems to be the standard, was never transferred to Hogwarts. He is half-Muggle on his mother's side, which caused him mild concern in his early childhood, when his family heard about what was going down on the other side of the Atlantic.

Early on, he showed promise in Transfiguration, and set his mind on becoming a registered Animagus. With the eager help of his father and his teachers, he studied and achieved this goal in his late teens. Shortly after getting registered, a young American witch was suddenly and inexplicably transferred to Hogwarts, which resulted in a series of plotholes all over the continuum. While most of these swallowed up a vase or two, or the occasional wild gnome, one of these plotholes opened up right under Cai's feet, dumping him unceremoniously into the SO's office. Several minutes of bewildered apologies and explanations later, Cai agreed to train as an agent, and was later assigned to RC 273-A as Kestrel's partner.

Working as an Assassin proved to be entirely contrary to his character, and after the disastrous episode that was the Forbiden Fruit mission, he left the DMS and went to work in Postal instead.

Mission Reports Edit

Home: Response Center 273

Partnered with Kestrel Edit

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